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    Blackstone Gene

picture of the greyhound Blackstone Gene
(Hallucinate  x  Black Stone Lace)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   22 MAR 2006
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   Natural
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: €650

Contact: Sean Dunphy at Ballyvalican, Co Waterford Tel..00 353 (0)51 387267 or 387991. info@droopys-stud.com

ABOUT Blackstone Gene



See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Blackstone Gene
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
THE 59TH YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP 2ND SEMI-FINAL HT 1Yarmouth18 FEB 2017GR A1462 Carrowkeal Monty27.92
William Hill Greyhound Derby 1st Rnd Heat 27 HT 1Wimbledon7 MAY 2016OPEN480 Face the Blade28.15
THE 2016 LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET - Final HT 10Crayford23 FEB 2016OPEN714 Patchys Kerry44.94
Sue Rush Memorial A2 525Dundalk10 OCT 2015GR A2480 Coloured Prada28.49
AV Direct S3/S4 Dual Distance Semi-FinalDundalk7 AUG 2015GR S3320 Loskeran Costa18.87
Manse StayerTampere2 AUG 2014OPEN680 Deneview Snowtoe41.22
TRACK BOOKMAKERS A3 525Youghal28 JUL 2014GR A3480 Carrigoon Ash29.04
The Barking Buzz 325 stakes. Round 1Waterford6 JUN 2014GR S2297 Kynance Lady17.67
Sheffield (Owlerton) 25 MAR 2014 HT 11Sheffield25 MAR 2014GR IV500 Guinness Spark28.70
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 14 MAR 2014 HT 9Monmore14 MAR 2014OPEN480 Lode Henry28.19
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 14 MAR 2014 HT 7Monmore14 MAR 2014OPEN630 Jazz Tilly37.85
Romford 14 MAR 2014 HT 8Romford14 MAR 2014OPEN750 Droopys Field47.39
Welcome to RACE 325Newbridge7 MAR 2014GR S0/1297 Mesedo Black17.48
Racing Post JuvenileWimbledon4 MAR 2014OPEN480 Droopys Odell28.84
Sheffield (Owlerton) 04 FEB 2014 HT 12Sheffield4 FEB 2014OPEN500 Droopys Odell28.94
Hall Green (Birmingham) 29 JAN 2014 HT 11Hall Green29 JAN 2014OPEN480 Garryglass Rodge29.37
Romford 14 JAN 2014 HT 7Romford14 JAN 2014OPEN575 Aines Marx35.39
Drumbo Park Tote Stakes A2 525Drumbo Park11 JAN 2014GR A2480 Bodens Paradise28.72
The Try a Trio Bet S3/S4 400Mullingar11 JAN 2014GR S3/4366 Castlehill Dan21.60
Bellevue (Manchester) 19 DEC 2013 HT 5Bellevue19 DEC 2013OPEN470 Calzaghe Mario27.45
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 01 DEC 2013 HT 9Perry Barr1 DEC 2013GR IT660 Droopys Genie40.05
Crayford 28 NOV 2013 HT 14Crayford28 NOV 2013GR IT540 Essex Dream33.75
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 22 NOV 2013 HT 9Monmore22 NOV 2013GR IT630 Droopys Genie37.93
The Sam McCauley Chemist Open 550Enniscorthy27 OCT 2013OPEN503 Ketch Up Bell30.22
The Selskar Pharmacy Wexford & Clonroche FinalEnniscorthy3 OCT 2013GR A2480 Ketch Up Bell28.75
BUY A BUSTER S7 350Lifford28 SEP 2013GR S7320 Culture Bob18.87
The Selskar Pharmacy Wexford & Clonroche Semi-FinaEnniscorthy26 SEP 2013GR A2480 Ketch Up Bell28.89
The Selskar Pharmacy Wexford & Clonroche Round 2Enniscorthy19 SEP 2013GR A2480 Ketch Up Bell28.90
St LegerÅkersberga7 SEP 2013OPEN780 Deneview Snowtoe46.87
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 Round 1Dundalk20 JUL 2013GR SS0366 Mesedo Black21.24
The 67th British Bred Two Year Old Produce StakesSwindon20 JUL 2013GROUP1480 Son of Delboy28.73
Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Puppy Stake Round 3Limerick16 MAR 2013GR AA0480 Ashford Castle28.35
GMHD Insurances Juvenile Classic Round 2Tralee1 MAR 2013OPEN480 Detar28.55
E 4,300 Track Supporters Club N1 / N2 525 Semi-FinKilkenny27 FEB 2013GR N1480 Droopys Valerie29.19
Irish Cup Weekend At Limerick Open 525Limerick23 FEB 2013GR AA0480 Gene Tashadelek28.43
Connolly's Red Mills Open Unraced Stake FinalClonmel3 FEB 2013OPEN480 Ashford Castle28.45
Connolly's Red Mills Open Unraced Stake Round 1Clonmel6 JAN 2013OPEN480 Ashford Castle28.51
Comerford Cakes Open 575Shelbourne Park15 DEC 2012GR AA0526 Slip the Genie31.38
The Longford Grade S4 330Longford26 NOV 2012GR S4302 Racecourse Al17.83
Rachel Wheeler Trainer E 7000 A2/A3 stk Round 2Thurles13 OCT 2012GR A2480 Droopys Comedian28.82
Romford 12 SEP 2012 HT 4Romford12 SEP 2012OPEN400 Droopys English24.34

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Terms and Conditions

For full Terms and Conditions please contact Sean or Michael Dunphy - details as below.

Contact: Sean Dunphy at Ballyvalican, Co Waterford Tel..00 353 (0)51 387267 or 387991. info@droopys-stud.com