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    Scolari Me Daddy

picture of the greyhound Scolari Me Daddy
(Droopys Scolari  x  Lemon Abby)
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Colour   Blue
Date of Birth   SEP 2007
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr Denis Lennon
Studbooks Licensed with   ICC
Choice of Semen available   Natural Mating or AI
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: 650

Contact: Denis Lennon, Kilkenny 056-7767605 or 086-3890449 email scolarimedaddy@yahoo.com

ABOUT Scolari Me Daddy

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Oldest pups born September 2010.

See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Scolari Me Daddy
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
2019 GMHD.ie Insurances Juvenile Classic FinalTralee8 MAR 2019GROUP2480 Toolmaker Daddy28.40
LADBROKES 480 PUPPY WINTER FESTIVAL HT 3Monmore2 FEB 2019OPEN480 Camps Star28.19
Henlow 17 May 2018 HT 11Henlow17 MAY 2018GR A2460 Jet Stream Berty27.48
**BETFRED GYMCRACK HEAT 1** HT 2Kinsley8 APR 2018OPEN462 Brinkleys Poet27.26
THE LADBROKES GOLD CUP FINAL 2016 HT 11Monmore18 AUG 2016OPEN480 Jaytee Spartacus27.83
William Hill Greyhound Derby 1st Rnd Heat 2 HT 2Wimbledon5 MAY 2016OPEN480 Jaytee Spartacus28.11
LADBROKES PUPPY 480 HT 6Monmore17 MAR 2016OPEN480 Barricane Bullet28.27
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY TRIAL STAKES HT 8Monmore25 FEB 2016OPEN480 Barricane Bullet28.25
THE HALL GREEN PUPPY HT 3Hall Green27 JAN 2016OPEN480 Barricane Bullet28.59
Martin J. Boylan and Co S0/S1 350Dundalk22 DEC 2015GR S0320 Master Lego18.95
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 FinalDundalk20 NOV 2015GR A2480 Lazy Daddy28.48
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 1 Heat 1Dundalk30 OCT 2015GR A2480 Lazy Daddy28.42
William Hill Greyhound Derby 2nd Rnd Heat 8Wimbledon5 JUN 2015OPEN480 Jaytee Berlin28.19
The AutokeySquad Save 40 per cent on Car KeysTowcester6 DEC 2014OPEN480 Lenson Jed28.69
Whizzing Kennels A3/A4 525 yds stake Semi-FinalThurles8 NOV 2014GR A3480 Luminous Rock28.89
2014 Shaneboy Spencer @Stud Fair Warrior 400 RoundMullingar30 AUG 2014GR SS0366 Aclamon Messi21.50
Happy Birthday Anne Collins A1/A2 525Mullingar7 JUN 2014GR A1/2480 Unlikely Ash29.37
E 5,300 Niall Comerford Memorial A3 525 Round 1Kilkenny11 OCT 2013GR A3480 Kellymount Gem28.92
The Comerford Foley 525Waterford5 OCT 2013GR AA0480 Scolari Express28.41
The 2013 HRX Bookmakers Puppy Derby Semi-FinalHarolds Cross4 OCT 2013GR AA0480 Aclamon Messi28.58
Coventry 01 OCT 2013 HT 7Coventry1 OCT 2013GR B2450 Yabba Clover27.12
The Swindon Friday Night Standard FinalSwindon20 SEP 2013OPEN480 Witcombe Dilemma28.55
Sevens Cab & Coach Hire A1 600 FinalDundalk18 AUG 2013GR A1549 Monleek Montana32.70
Gain Dog Food S3 350 Semi-FinalDundalk10 AUG 2013GR S3320 Aclamon Messi18.76
Book Online A3 525 FinalDrumbo Park2 MAR 2013GR A0/9480 Rei Doms Cantona28.48
REDMILLS SOUTHERN SPRINT FinalYoughal30 NOV 2012GR SS0297 Blackrose Raven17.55
REDMILLS SOUTHERN SPRINT Semi-FinalYoughal23 NOV 2012GR SS0297 Blackrose Raven17.58
REDMILLS SOUTHERN SPRINT Round 1Youghal16 NOV 2012GR SS0297 Blackrose Raven17.61

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Terms and Conditions

100% Refund if no pups

Contact: Denis Lennon, Kilkenny 056-7767605 or 086-3890449 email scolarimedaddy@yahoo.com