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    Joey Jojo Junior

picture of the greyhound Joey Jojo Junior
(Premier County  x  Plutos Tip)
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Colour   Fawn
Date of Birth   FEB 2008
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   Irish Coursing Club
Choice of Semen available   Natural Mating
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: Negotiable

Contact: William Quirke (087) 9595205 Email: deeogee@hotmail.com

ABOUT Joey Jojo Junior

Joey is an early paced railer (77 lbs) who despite a career plagued by persistent wrist injury has achieved the following to date:

  • 2010 Track Record Limerick 525 yds (28.35)
  • Winner of the 2011 Vetsearch International Kennedy Cup Limerick (28.54)
  • Finalist 2011 Tote Gold Cup Shelbourne Park
  • Finalist 2011 Tipperary Cup Thurles
  • Finalist 2011 Con Kirby Memorial Open 550
  • Winner 15 top class races in 8 different Irish Tracks: Limerick (Greenpark), Shelbourne, Kilkenny, Galway, Clonmel, Newbridge, Thurles, Limerick (Markets Field)
  • Over 11,000 Euros in prize money
  • Joey has beaten the following top class greyhounds: Bar Blackstone, Sevenheads Bay, Tyrur Enda, Colourful Champ, Slippery Bob, Monlesa Alsation, Judicial Academy, Fatboyz Tyson, Hello Ringo
  • Some of his recorded times for 525 distance (28.34, 28.35, 28.40, 28.52, 28.54, 28.58).

Joey's pedigree is laden with genuine Irish blood. If you want pups with early pace and are hard chasers then Joey JoJo Junior should be your choice


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Fee Negotiable

Contact: William Quirke (087) 9595205 Email: deeogee@hotmail.com