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    Staplers Jo

picture of the greyhound Staplers Jo
(Dempsey Duke  x  Perfect Rhythm)
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Also known as   Staplers Joe
Colour   White and Black
Date of Birth   12 JUN 1993
Land of Birth   United Kingdom
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. G. Beckett
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   FROZEN ONLY
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: 4000

Contact: MEREFIELD STUD CHESHIRE www.merefieldstud.com PH:07719612408



See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Staplers Jo
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
E 2,000 Shelbourne Veteran 350 FinalShelbourne Park15 FEB 2007FEATURE320 Main Suspect18.97
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 01 SEP 2006 HT 11Harolds Cross1 SEP 2006GR A1521 Star of Belgard31.18
Peterborough 25 NOV 2005 HT 13Peterborough25 NOV 2005GR A1420 Kilcarrig Shia25.61
3,650 SHELBOURNE 29.20 525 FinalShelbourne Park12 OCT 2005OPEN480 Main Suspect28.90
Limerick (Markets Field) 02 JUL 2005 HT 9Limerick2 JUL 2005OPEN274 Gulleen Hawk16.28
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 05 MAR 2005 HT 8Shelbourne Park5 MAR 2005OPEN480 Dalcash Hotshot28.74
Derby InvitationWimbledon28 JUN 2003OPEN480 Farloe Style28.64
William Hill Derby 1st RD H7Wimbledon29 MAY 2003OPEN480 Larkhill Bullet28.72
Eagan Catering Open 525 01 FinShelbourne Park27 OCT 2001OPEN480 Priceless Rebel28.27


Terms and Conditions

The fee includes one vial of semen,unlimited progesterone testing and associated veterinary fees
The refund policy in the event of no pups is 1 RETURN SERVICE to the sire used or another sire upto the value of the original fee paid OR
a cash refund less all associated veterinary fees

Contact: MEREFIELD STUD CHESHIRE www.merefieldstud.com PH:07719612408