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    Rosbirr Ranger

picture of the greyhound Rosbirr Ranger
(Paradise Madison  x  Wrathchild)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   SEP 2015
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. Denis Hackett
Studbooks Licensed with   Irish Coursing Club Ireland
Choice of Semen available   Fresh or AI
Countries Semen available for   All

Stud Fee: 500

Contact: County Tipperary Telephone 0864083985 Or Chris 0892022361

ABOUT Rosbirr Ranger

Now at stud after a brilliant career 
Rosbirr Ranger
(Paradise Madison - Wrathchild)
2018 Winner of:
Dundalk International Night Sprint
Irish Sprint Cup Consolation in 20.97 faster than final
Fair Warrior unbeaten
Islandbridge and Derby Final Night amongst others
In 2019 after an injury stricken year he still won the Con Kirby final night sprint, Night of Stars Sprint and the Fair Warrior for the second year running; this has never in history been done before. 
Fee 500 less luck. 
Any queries contact myself or Aoife Whelan
Contact Name  Christopher Delaney / Aoife Whelan
Contact Address  


See race videos of Rosbirr Ranger
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
The Islandbridge Open 350 Round 1 Heat 1Shelbourne Park10 MAY 2019GR SS0320 Ballymac Conte19.02
BarOneRacing.com Irish Sprint Cup Round 2 Heat 3Dundalk8 MAR 2019GR SS0366 Cabra Hurricane21.24
BarOneRacing.com Irish Sprint Cup Round 1 Heat 9Dundalk2 MAR 2019GR SS0366 Baytown Bubba21.68
The www.barkingbuzz.ie Night Of Stars Open 350Shelbourne Park17 NOV 2018GR SS0320 Ardnasool Jet18.71


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

How would you describe the temperament of your Dog?   Relaxed
Was your Dog a fast beginner?   Very Fast
Was your Dog a strong finisher?   Average
What was your Dog's favourite distance?   400 500 mtrs
What was your Dog's best racing weight?   

Terms and Conditions

Ring Aoife Whelan 086 4083985

Contact: County Tipperary Telephone 0864083985 Or Chris 0892022361