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    Droopys Kewell

picture of the greyhound Droopys Kewell
(Larkhill Jo  x  Perrys Pusher)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   30 MAR 1999
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. T. Davidson, Belfast,
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   Natural and AI
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: €1300

Contact: Sean Dunphy at Ballyvalican, Co Waterford Tel..00 353 (0)51 387267 or 387991. info@droopys-stud.com

ABOUT Droopys Kewell


See race videos of Droopys Kewell
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Irish Derby 2001 FinalShelbourne Park15 SEP 2001GROUP1503 Cool Performance30.01


See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Droopys Kewell
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Tralee (Kingdom Stadium) 01 NOV 2014 HT 5Tralee1 NOV 2014GR S3297 Sanantone Vic17.63
Sheffield (Owlerton) 23 DEC 2013 HT 3Sheffield23 DEC 2013GR IT500 Crucial Diaby29.81
The Masters Restaurant A1/A2 550 Round 1Newbridge7 SEP 2013GR A1503 Emily Next Door30.00
Betting On The Tote S2 300Kilkenny8 MAR 2013GR S2/3274 Helens Champ16.43
The Friends of Kilcohan 325 Stakes. Semi-FinalWaterford23 NOV 2012GR S2297 Crucial Kaka17.54
The Bord na Móna Leinster Cup FinalHarolds Cross31 AUG 2012OPEN480 Frontier Sound29.26
Bet on the Intertrack S0/S1 335Drumbo Park20 JUL 2012OPEN306 Lanesdown Ban17.87
Thurles Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup 2012 Round 1Thurles13 JUL 2012GR AA0480 Fleetwood Nick28.64
The Darling Monkey Hanger Stakes 525Cork7 JUL 2012OPEN480 Fleetwood Nick28.31
Portlaoise Credit Union S2 325Newbridge15 JUN 2012GR S2297 Moynevilla Chief17.70
The Track Supporters Club Munster Derby Round 2Clonmel3 JUN 2012GR A1480 Fleetwood Nick28.55
E 14,000 Red Mills Champion Open Unraced FinalKilkenny3 JUN 2012FEATURE480 Helens Champ29.30
2012 English Derby FinalWimbledon26 MAY 2012GROUP1480 Blonde Snapper28.65
Thurles Stadium A4/A5 600 yds Stake FinalThurles19 MAY 2012GR A4549 Old Hollow Jack33.04
The HMS Henry Management &Maintenance Service LtdHarolds Cross4 MAY 2012OPEN480 Solo Star28.67
Henlow 08 MAR 2012 HT 11Henlow8 MAR 2012OPEN460 Doctor Robert27.27
Romford 24 FEB 2012 HT 8Romford24 FEB 2012OPEN400 Blonde Snapper23.91
The Irish Examiner Open 300Clonmel13 NOV 2011OPEN274 Movealong Dash16.04
THE DERBY STANDARD DUPHenlow27 OCT 2011OPEN460 Doctor Robert27.37
The Harolds Cross Bookmakers Puppy Derby Round 3Harolds Cross23 SEP 2011OPEN480 Movealong Dash28.68
Bettor.com Northern Irish Derby Round 2Drumbo Park11 JUN 2011OPEN503 Rafas Wee Pet29.77
williamhill.com St Leger FinalWimbledon26 OCT 2010GROUP1687 Droopys Bradley41.48
The 2010 Future Champion Unraced Stake Round 1Enniscorthy20 SEP 2010OPEN480 Droopys Diarra28.70
THE LIFFORD OPEN 525Lifford27 SEP 2009OPEN480 Tyrgal Lola28.58
drumbopark.com A2 575Drumbo Park26 SEP 2009GR A2526 Urker Rascal31.62
Svenskt Greyhound Derby FinalÅkersberga4 JUL 2009FEATURE550 Heartlines Talisker32.42
Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Purse FinalCork18 OCT 2008FEATURE480 Attykitt Admiral28.41
THE CORMAC LEONARD COMMERCIALS OPEN 525Lifford5 OCT 2008OPEN480 Stagedoor Liam28.81
Try Drumbo Park for a Fundraiser S0/S1 335Drumbo Park27 SEP 2008GR S0306 Head Man Boo17.74
Shelbourne Open 525Shelbourne Park27 SEP 2008OPEN480 Castlehill Pat28.47
Goffs Bloodstock Sales Open 550Dundalk12 JUL 2008GROUP2503 Killahan Phanter29.87
Cuchulainn Crystal A1 550 FinalDundalk12 JUL 2008GR A1503 Chicago Bay29.92
The Sporting Press Open 525Shelbourne Park28 JUN 2008OPEN480 Killahan Phanter28.47
THE LIFFORD OPEN 575Lifford25 MAY 2008OPEN526 Ashley Terry31.36
BCR Print Management Open 575Shelbourne Park19 APR 2008OPEN526 Si Senor31.53
E 85,000 BCR Print Management Easter Cup Round 1Shelbourne Park29 MAR 2008OPEN503 Rebel Kewell29.87
The Grimes Auctioneers AO 525Harolds Cross7 MAR 2008OPEN480 Call Late28.89
E 18,000 Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy Stake FinalShelbourne Park16 FEB 2008GROUP1480 Killahan Phanter28.74
E 25,000 John J .Casey Open 575 FinalShelbourne Park26 JAN 2008GROUP1526 Si Senor31.24
E 25,000 John J .Casey Open 575 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park19 JAN 2008OPEN526 Si Senor31.23
E 25,000 John J .Casey Open 575 Round 1Shelbourne Park5 JAN 2008OPEN526 Si Senor31.13
www.betchronicle.com Open 575 FinalShelbourne Park29 DEC 2007FEATURE526 Farloe Jester31.33
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy FinalShelbourne Park15 DEC 2007GROUP1480 Skywalker Ace28.45
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy Round 3Shelbourne Park1 DEC 2007OPEN480 Skywalker Ace28.46
E 9,500 Tote Retention Fund Open 575 FinalShelbourne Park6 OCT 2007GROUP2526 Nitro Kewell31.71
THE BLUE STACK A4 525 Semi-FinalLifford5 OCT 2007GR A4480 Farloe Issue28.49
E 9,500 Tote Retention Fund Open 575 Round 1Shelbourne Park22 SEP 2007OPEN526 Nitro Kewell31.28
paddypowerpoker.com Open 525Shelbourne Park7 SEP 2007GROUP3480 Skywalker Ace28.45
The Future Champion Stake Round 1Enniscorthy6 SEP 2007OPEN480 Move On Byway28.58
THE 2007 AIB BANK STAKES FinalCork1 SEP 2007GROUP3480 Blackstone Kewel28.42
2007 paddypower.com Greyhound Derby Rnd 2 HT 12Shelbourne Park11 AUG 2007OPEN503 Si Senor29.65
The Curraheen Park Bookmakers 575Cork14 JUL 2007GR A2526 Chicago Bay31.21
Sporting Press Open 525Shelbourne Park30 JUN 2007OPEN480 Stagedoor Liam29.04
BLUE SQUARE GREYHOUND DERBY 2nd Round Heat 13Wimbledon16 JUN 2007OPEN480 Savana Highlands28.43
donalreilly.com Open 550Shelbourne Park21 APR 2007OPEN503 Si Senor29.87
Harolds Cross A3 570 Semi-FinalHarolds Cross26 JAN 2007GR A3521 Hello Sailor31.29
€ 305,000 PADDYPOWER IRISH DERBY 1/8 Final 2Shelbourne Park19 AUG 2006FEATURE503 Droopys Stacey29.88
€ 305,000 PADDYPOWER IRISH DERBY 1/8 Final 7Shelbourne Park19 AUG 2006FEATURE503 Si Senor29.57
PADDYPOWER IRISH DERBY RND 2 HT 10Shelbourne Park12 AUG 2006OPEN503 Si Senor29.71
BOYLESPORTS OPEN BITCH 525Shelbourne Park29 JUL 2006OPEN480 Droopys Stacey28.63
Boylesports A2 525 FinalShelbourne Park29 JUL 2006GR A2480 Si Senor28.40
williamhillcasino.com StakesWimbledon3 JUN 2006OPEN460 Ballymac Droopys27.59
BUILDBASE 680 CUP FINALCoventry23 DEC 2005OPEN680 Gunner Black42.78
The Presidents Open 525Shelbourne Park5 NOV 2005OPEN480 Well Done Steve28.79
SHELBOURNE TOTE OPEN 525 RND 2 HT 1Shelbourne Park3 NOV 2005OPEN480 Different State28.53
THE CHANNEL 425 .COMSheffield27 SEP 2005OPEN500 Coolagorna Figo29.36
PADDY POWER OPEN BITCHShelbourne Park17 SEP 2005OPEN480 Droopys Gwen28.91
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY SEMI FINAL 1Shelbourne Park10 SEP 2005OPEN503 Droopys Marco29.73
€ 2000 Shelbourne 29.00 - 525 FinalShelbourne Park10 SEP 2005OPEN480 Chestnut Kewell29.19
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY SEMI FINAL 2Shelbourne Park10 SEP 2005GROUP3503 Droopys Maldini29.47
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY QUARTER 1Shelbourne Park3 SEP 2005FEATURE503 Droopys Marco29.70
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY QUARTER 4Shelbourne Park3 SEP 2005FEATURE503 Droopys Maldini29.57
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 2Shelbourne Park27 AUG 2005FEATURE503 Droopys Marco29.80
PADDY POWER IRISH DERBY RND 3 HT 6Shelbourne Park27 AUG 2005FEATURE503 Droopys Maldini29.52
Call 0800 44 40 40 Puppy Trophy (Div.2)Newcastle (Brough Park)20 AUG 2005OPEN480 Droopys Lampard28.52
Boylesports Champion Stakes € 60,000 FINALShelbourne Park30 JUL 2005GROUP1503 Droopys Maldini29.43
The Coors Brewers 2005 Diamond Jubilee PeterborougPeterborough20 JUL 2005OPEN420 Mega Patch25.51
Boylesports Dundalk InternationalDundalk12 JUL 2005FEATURE503 Droopys Maldini30.02
Irish St. Leger RND1Limerick18 JUN 2005OPEN503 Border Noel29.75
WILLIAM HILL GREYHOUND DERBY 1R HEAT 27Wimbledon4 JUN 2005OPEN480 Droopys Maldini28.49
The totesport Scottish Derby Final 2005Shawfield2 APR 2005GROUP1480 Droopys Marco29.05

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Terms and Conditions

For full Terms and Conditions please contact Sean or Michael Dunphy - details as below

Contact: Sean Dunphy at Ballyvalican, Co Waterford Tel..00 353 (0)51 387267 or 387991. info@droopys-stud.com