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    Mineola Farloe

picture of the greyhound Mineola Farloe
(Top Honcho *  x  Farloe Dingle)
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Colour   Blue
Date of Birth   23 JUN 2002
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. Desmond Loughery
Studbooks Licensed with   ICC
Choice of Semen available   Natural and frozen; Implant Additional Cost
Countries Semen available for   Ireland and soon Australia

Stud Fee: 600 Less Luck

Contact: Kieran at 'Kaykays Racing' Threemilehouse Co. Monaghan on 086 6048863 or log onto www.kaykaysracing.com

ABOUT Mineola Farloe

Ranking of Top Honcho Race dogs

No 1 Mineola Farloe -------- 152.5 points
Tyrur Ted -------------------------136.0 points
Droopys Veri ------------------ 114.0 points
Top Savings --------------------- 93.0 points

Top International brood bitch and the strike-rate to produce Major/ feature racers

(Ire)  Farloe Dingle
Strike-rate:  73%
Best Offspring:     Mineola Farloe    152.5 points
                          Farloe Hack          58.5 points

(Aus) Sobbing Sal
Strike-rate: 30%
Best Offspring:   Brett Lee               154.0 points
                         Big Daddy Cool       61.5 points

(Ire) Little Diamond 
Strike-rate: 46% 
Best Offspring:    Droopys Maldini  78.0 points
                          Droopys Marco   74.0 points 

(Aus) Elusive Rebel
Strike-rate: 29%
Best Offspring:      Pure Octane   87.0 points
                           Hallucinate      72.0 points

Mineola Farloe is a direct descendant through his dam line from Glenroe Bess, dam of the great I'm Slippy, and is the product Desie Loughrey's ( the modern day Farloe man ) best lines and greatest brood bitch.

You have seen him race, you can check out his blood lines and if you are quick you can put your bitch in pup to the most courageous, consistent and best bred dog at stud anywhere in the world. Book early; he is in great demand since the race of the century.



Won 136,038 = AUD 227,560

2nd English Derby Final @ Four Years old did 28.50 calculated Led the best to the line beat L in "the race of the century".

Won the Group 1 Tote Gold Cup at Shelbourne 28.38

4th English Derby Final. Blkd, Won 3 rounds, 28.77, 28.88, 28.95
Won Semi-final beating  Westmead Hawk 1 L
Won the Group 1 Classic Easter Cup at Shelbourne 28.39
2nd Irish Derby Consolation Final.

Won Irish Derby Consolation final 29.80 550  (final won in 29.87)
Unbeaten in Derby until unlucky defeat in Semi-final
Won Northwest Derby Consolation final  30.08 550 (final won in 30.30)                  
Won Newpark puppy Cup undefeated.
Won 18 & 2 seconds out of 24 0pen races between  Feb 04 and Oct 04

Won first race Shelbourne park Dublin in 28.73.


See race videos of Mineola Farloe
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
ENGLISH DERBY 2006 FINALWimbledon3 JUN 2006GROUP1480 Westmead Hawk28.44


Mineola Farloe's pups are just hitting the schooling tracks and are creating a buzz due to their strong charisma and first trials.  First races should be early Sept 2006. Currently getting a high number of breeders returning for further service.

See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Mineola Farloe
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
THE LIFFORD STADIUM S1/S2 650Lifford20 OCT 2012GR S1/2320 Unique Brand18.88
Try a Forecast S2 335Drumbo Park18 AUG 2012GR S2306 Hy Hy17.84
Poole 12 MAY 2009 HT 3Poole12 MAY 2009OPEN250 Mineola Junior14.99
The Cassidys Pub Open 550 FinalHarolds Cross10 OCT 2008FEATURE503 Cuil Class30.19
THE ARMAGH FRIENDS OF AFRICA OPEN 350Lifford5 OCT 2008OPEN320 Pepe Le Pue18.74
THE HUGH DUFFY MEMORIAL OPEN 350 FinalLifford22 JUN 2008OPEN320 Pepe Le Pue18.61

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Put the Australian Frozen imports in perspective: Great Irish Stud dogs in the past have been early paced dogs with grit and courage, from rock solid damlines and out of great brood bitches. We do not need any more outcross blood. What Mineola offers is the best of both worlds (just like Whisper Wishes, Mineola Farloe offers a top import outcrossed to the best Irish damline) and a lot better than some of the hyped super dogs from "Wonder dams".

Mineola Farloe's mother crossed with the best Australian and Irish bloodlines and is second to none in producing major/feature racers.  He should work particular with Spiral Nikita, Staplers Jo and Larkhill Jo bitches. 

For those looking to line cross he is suited to daughters of Head Honcho stud dogs such as Honcho Classic, Daves Mentor, Carlton Bale etc. His phenomenal wish to chase kept him at the top for three seasons and it is this wish which he will pass to his progeny. 


Terms and Conditions

 No pup or one pup then a return service.

Contact: Kieran at 'Kaykays Racing' Threemilehouse Co. Monaghan on 086 6048863 or log onto www.kaykaysracing.com