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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Hove & Brighton 27 JUL 2021 HT 10Hove & Brighton27 JUL 202110GR A1500 Galaxy Freedom29.72
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 27 JUL 2021 HT 4Perry Barr27 JUL 20214GR A2480 Drahbeg Dash28.79
Henlow 26 JUL 2021 HT 8Henlow26 JUL 20218GR A3460 Derramore Queen28.24
Pelaw Grange 25 JUL 2021 HT 8Pelaw Grange25 JUL 20218GR A2435 Hurleys Spring26.40
Crayford 24 JUL 2021 HT 25Crayford24 JUL 202125GR A9380 Lethal Effect23.79
Ladbrokes.com 264Monmore24 JUL 20217OPEN264 Skipalong Sarge15.23
The Slan Abhaile ( Non SIS) 330Cork23 JUL 202111GR S3302 Ballymac Ala17.98
Crayford Friday 23rd July 2021 Afternoon SICrayford23 JUL 20211GR A6380 Raging Sky23.93
Crayford 22 JUL 2021 HT 13Crayford22 JUL 202113GR A7380 Levi Lady23.75
Thursday 22nd July Afternoon 2021Newcastle (Brough Park)22 JUL 20211GR A7480 Estella29.55
Greyhounds Make Great Pets StakesSunderland22 JUL 20212GR D4261 Not a Vegan16.06
#LoveTheDogs StakesSunderland22 JUL 20215GR A7450 Toems Blake27.95
Sittingbourne 21 JUL 2021 HT 8Central Park21 JUL 20218GR A3480 Chelts Lad29.86
Hove & Brighton 21 JUL 2021 HT 14Hove & Brighton21 JUL 202114GR A1500 Tommys Pluto29.47
The Stadium Bookmakers Juvenile Classic FinTowcester20 JUL 202110GROUP1500 Brookside Richie29.48
attheraces.com Maiden Standard TrophyNottingham19 JUL 20216OPEN500 Sonny29.94
Swindon 19 JUL 2021 HT 8Swindon19 JUL 20218GR A3476 Bumper Car28.87
Pelaw Grange 18 JUL 2021 HT 6Pelaw Grange18 JUL 20216GR A2435 Hurleys Spring26.29
The Slan Abhaile 525Cork17 JUL 202111GR A1480 Palatine Syd28.54
Crayford 17 JUL 2021 HT 5Crayford17 JUL 20215GR A5380 Huntsman23.55
Crayford 17 JUL 2021 HT 10Crayford17 JUL 202110GR E2714 Glenvale Juliet46.11
CORAL REGENCY - Heat 5Hove & Brighton17 JUL 202110OPEN695 Bo Shine Bullet41.44
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 17 JUL 2021 HT 1Perry Barr17 JUL 20211GR A5480 Spitfire Rock29.34
ROMFORD Saturday Night 17th July 2021 SIS MRomford17 JUL 202115GR A1400 Rioja Coco24.27
OWLERTON STADIUM STAYERSSheffield17 JUL 202112OPEN660 Sonic Stormi39.27
The Book Your Trials On line A0 550Shelbourne Park17 JUL 20215OPEN503 Tip Top Taylor29.82
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 FinalShelbourne Park17 JUL 202110GR DD0686 Priceless Jet41.39
Crayford 16 JUL 2021 HT 5Crayford16 JUL 20215GR A7380 Rafiki Baloo23.67
Hove & Brighton 16 JUL 2021 HT 11Hove & Brighton16 JUL 202111GR A1500 Galaxy Freedom29.52
Sittingbourne 15 JUL 2021 HT 11Central Park15 JUL 202111GR A2480 Shellys Belle30.37
Crayford 14 JUL 2021 HT 11Crayford14 JUL 202111GR A5380 Boherash Anna23.98
DURHAM & DISTRICT RETIRED GREYHOUNDS STSunderland14 JUL 20212GR HP450 Toems Blake27.86
Crayford 13 JUL 2021 HT 3Crayford13 JUL 20213GR A7380 Galloping Luna23.59
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 12 JUL 2021 HT 10Monmore12 JUL 202110GR A6480 Crossfield Cory29.41
Download The Free At The Races App StakesNottingham12 JUL 20216GR A1500 Sonny29.54
Sunday Night Novice Stayers FinalCentral Park11 JUL 202110OPEN642 Galaxy JaJa Binx40.67
11 JUL 2021 HT 6Towcester11 JUL 20216GR D3270 Blackeyed Teresa16.33
The Happy Birthday Dominic Magnone 525Cork10 JUL 20216GR A3480 Strides Banjo28.63
Crayford 10 JUL 2021 HT 9Crayford10 JUL 20219GR A4380 Hitthelids Mick23.79
Crayford 10 JUL 2021 HT 14Crayford10 JUL 202114GR A5380 Wishful Poppy23.72
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COMIpswich10 JUL 20216GR Mixe520 Merchant Navy30.43
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Semi-FinaShelbourne Park10 JUL 20217GR DD0686 Bockos Brandy41.28
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Semi-FinaShelbourne Park10 JUL 20218GR DD0686 Ballymac Wisdom41.54
Southland 10 Jul 2021 - Razorback ConsolatiSouthland10 JUL 202111STAKE603 Goddessofthehunt37.10
The RPGTV Watling Street Sprint FinalTowcester10 JUL 202111GROUP2270 Havana Class15.45
The Bet On The Tote Novice 525Clonmel9 JUL 20212GR ON2480 Farronrory Paul28.83
The Upcoming Sweepstakes SprintClonmel9 JUL 20216GR SS0274 Farranrory Megan16.26
Crayford 09 JUL 2021 HT 8Crayford9 JUL 20218GR A7380 Deanridge Dove23.74
CORAL SUSSEX CUP TRIAL STAKES - DIVISION EHove & Brighton8 JUL 20213OPEN515 Fatboyz Exile29.94
CORAL REGENCY TRIAL STAKES - DIVISION BHove & Brighton8 JUL 20214OPEN695 Galaxy Star42.26
CORAL SUSSEX CUP TRIAL STAKES - DIVISION DHove & Brighton8 JUL 20217OPEN515 Seomra Razl30.03
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 08 JUL 2021 HT 6Monmore8 JUL 20216GR A6480 Hitthelids Kay28.92
08 JUL 2021 HT 7Towcester8 JUL 20217GR A3500 Vinegarhill John29.73
Sittingbourne 07 JUL 2021 HT 10Central Park7 JUL 202110GR A1480 Teecee Tom29.57
Crayford 07 JUL 2021 HT 3Crayford7 JUL 20213GR A8380 Luminous Lad23.87
Crayford 07 JUL 2021 HT 5Crayford7 JUL 20215GR A5380 Dark Heart23.70
06 JUL 2021 HT 4Towcester6 JUL 20214GR A4500 Pennys Fraxinus29.47
Southland 05 Jul 2021 HT 13Southland5 JUL 202113GR B533 TMC's Slingshot32.66
Sunday Night Novice Stayers (Heat 1)Central Park4 JUL 20215OPEN642 Galaxy JaJa Binx40.54
Crayford 03 JUL 2021 HT 12Crayford3 JUL 202112GR A6380 Camp Best23.99
The Michael Tobin Memorial A4 525 Round 1 HLimerick3 JUL 20217GR A4480 Call Me Speedy28.66
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 03 JUL 2021 HT 6Perry Barr3 JUL 20216GR A6480 Spitfire Rock29.42
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Round 2 HShelbourne Park3 JUL 20216GR DD0686 Burgess Elite41.55
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Round 2 HShelbourne Park3 JUL 20217GR DD0686 Bockos Brandy41.27
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Round 2 HShelbourne Park3 JUL 20218GR DD0686 Ballymac Kingdom41.42
RPGTV Notebook Ladies Stakes - Heat 2Towcester3 JUL 20212OPEN500 Luna Rocket29.29
Crayford 02 JUL 2021 HT 5Crayford2 JUL 20215GR A5380 Early Arrival23.65
Hove & Brighton 02 JUL 2021 HT 14Hove & Brighton2 JUL 202114GR A2500 Galaxy Moonshine29.65
RPGTV Watling Street Sprint - Heat 3Towcester2 JUL 20213OPEN270 Havana Class15.71
Crayford 01 JUL 2021 HT 2Crayford1 JUL 20212GR A8380 Gentle Beauty23.89
Crayford 01 JUL 2021 HT 9Crayford1 JUL 20219GR A6380 Raging Sky23.88
Crayford 01 JUL 2021 HT 14Crayford1 JUL 202114GR A5380 Hitthelids Mick23.80
Hove & Brighton 01 JUL 2021 HT 8Hove & Brighton1 JUL 20218GR S1695 Galaxy Star41.98
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 01 JUL 2021 HT 7Perry Barr1 JUL 20217GR A6480 Drahbeg Diva29.69
Henlow 28 JUN 2021 HT 1Henlow28 JUN 20211GR A3460 Lemon Reuben27.74
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 28 JUN 2021 HT 1Monmore28 JUN 20211GR A7480 Daddy Roo29.46
Southland 28 Jun 2021 HT 13Southland28 JUN 202113GR C533 CBJ Aussie Eyes32.22
Crayford 26 JUN 2021 HT 3Crayford26 JUN 20213GR S4540 Hitthelids Brian34.66
NICOLLE'S 30th BIRTHDAY RACECrayford26 JUN 202115GR E2714 Woodcocks Hawk46.14
LADBROKES.COM SUMMER SPRINTCrayford26 JUN 202116OPEN380 Nans Tom23.38
LADBROKES KENT ST LEGER - FinalCrayford26 JUN 202121GROUP1714 Bo Shine Bullet45.55
LADBROKES.COM SUMMER MARATHONCrayford26 JUN 202124OPEN874 Millbank Marcela57.60
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COMIpswich26 JUN 20216GR Grad520 Merchant Navy30.60
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 26 JUN 2021 HT 3Monmore26 JUN 20213GR A7480 Hitthelids Kay29.35
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Round 1 HShelbourne Park26 JUN 20217GR DD0686 Priceless Jet41.72
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Round 1 HShelbourne Park26 JUN 20218GR DD0686 Ballymac Wisdom41.58
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Round 1 HShelbourne Park26 JUN 20219GR DD0686 Battle Cry41.76
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Round 1 HShelbourne Park26 JUN 202110GR DD0686 Ballymac Kingdom41.62
The 2021 Corn Cuchulainn Open 750 Round 1 HShelbourne Park26 JUN 202111GR DD0686 Tinnock Phantom41.73
Welcome to the Kingdom Greyhound Stadium 32Tralee26 JUN 20211GR S6297 Stormy Angel17.91
Sittingbourne 25 JUN 2021 HT 7Central Park25 JUN 20217GR D1265 Nans Tom16.32
BGRC CHAIRMAN'S CUP FINALAlbion Park24 JUN 20217FEATURE710 Burnt Ends41.91
NTSC MEMBERS ONLY A3/A4 525 FinalNewbridge24 JUN 20215GR A3480 Kilcooney Limit28.50
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 24 JUN 2021 HT 11Perry Barr24 JUN 202111GR A6480 Im Lovin It29.12
Hove & Brighton 23 JUN 2021 HT 5Hove & Brighton23 JUN 20215GR A1500 Mollys Diva29.31
Race 1 A8Monmore22 JUN 20211GR A8480 Daddy Roo29.61
Sittingbourne 20 JUN 2021 HT 2Central Park20 JUN 20212GR A2480 Love29.59
The ARC Puppy Cup FinalSunderland20 JUN 20217GROUP2450 Skywalker Stan27.28
20 JUN 2021 HT 3Towcester20 JUN 20213GR A4500 Boynepark Drill30.03
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