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Breeder   Peter and Ursula Noone
Street   slievenalough
City   Lordship,Dundalk,County Louth
Country   Ireland
Email   comeonkennels@yahoo.com
Phone   0873547290

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

We are based in Lordship,Dundalk,co.Louth..
Our kennels is situated on 11 acres site in the heart of the cooley peninsula..

We have recently extended our gallop its now 509 yards exactly and has 80 yards of a climb at the end of it so we get our dogs really fit..grass seed has been spread on it and should be a lovely gallop when it grows up..theres 2.5 ft of compost laid on it...

We breed a litter or two pups a year we have currently 10 pups to danielles sky (tyrur mozzeltoff full sister)

We school pups and train race dogs dogs currently in training;

valeries Girl wins 28.71,28.72 Dundalk 28.92 shelbourne park bred by headbound x graysland pixie(oaks winner)
valeries angel 28.92 Dundalk
Fergus run 29.02 Dundalk and winner of 17 races
Townspark echo 30.30 for 550 in Dundalk and 30.39 hx
Highview report went to quarter final of oaks.
plus many more
plenty of pups been schooled at present..

We hold a current trainers licence

If you need assistance to get your dog trained by us please contact peter noone on 0873547290.

we will race at any track that we think will suit your dog.