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Breeder   Steve Potter
Street   ballybrien
Zip   ballylanders
City   County Limerick
Country   Ireland
Email   stevegreyhounds@hotmail.com
Phone   00353-6246588
Phone 2   086-3911269

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UPDATE as of 09-05-2020 colleen missed so no pups here yet,i have leased a bitch off sean bourke and will be mating her to magical bale when she breaks should be around july time, i have her here to get her ready for mating worming vitamins ect.peckham boy staying here for another couple of races when lockdown over he ran well in his second race getting a bit of experience before going over.the other pup i have named precious curly and i think he's pretty decent he turned in traps twice at the schooling track but after doing a bit of work with him seems ok now last 2 times out of trap 18.60 and 18.40 so could be anything,i shall qualify him on when lockdown is over. UPDATE as of 24-09-2020 peckham boy won in cork in 28.78 +20 having one more race then going over to barry o'sullivan at central park,precious curly grading on at central park after having a few problems (lost a lot of weight)the bitch i leased is in pup to magical bale very big and still over 2 weeks to go (due 10 oct)getting the odd dog in for schooling to keep me busy until brood pups. UPDATE as of 25-10-2020 bitch had her pups on the 8th oct she had 7 dogs and 4 bitches but lost a small dog after 2 days very weak tried to hand fed and give glucose to perk him up but no good,bitch knew something wrong kept pushing him away,rest of the litter are very strong and i put them lapping milk for the first time yesterday 24th gave them mashed weetabix with their milk this morning and took to it well (only 2 weeks and 3 days old) but i thought it would help the brood out although she has plenty of milk for them.peckham boy gone to central park (barry o sullivan) think he will make open class over there,bitch i had in for schooling had her final schooling trial for me on wed 21st oct owner took her away and gave her a official trial on friday in a sprint at cork and she done a qualifying time,rushing it a bit but his bitch she's only 14 months old. UPDATE AS OF 04-01-2021, all pups doing well will put them up for sale when earmarked 4 prospective buyers already phoned to make enquiries have told them nothing being sold till earmarked should be on wed jan 6th.looks like i will have 3 dogs and a bitch sold the day after,but i shall wait and see what i have sold then put them up on data.2 dogs in for schooling from wales had their handslips going out the boxes next time. UPDATE 29-01-2021 2 pups gone to sean bourke 8 here in the field 4 dogs 4 bitches i have 1 dog and 2 bitches left for sale the dog is a tri colour mainly white and black but has a blue stripe on his shoulder, the 2 bitches one is black the other is white and black.pups will be 4 months on feb 10th,all enjoying life stalking the magpies,just wait till the small rabbits come through the chainlink in the spring lol,the 2 dogs i had in from wales have finished schooling just waiting to be transported back should be next week,both chasing well, i have another 2 coming in 1st of march from tralee keep me busy.update as of 24-04-2021 pups back on data due to a serious timewaster from mullingar asked me to take ad down as he wanted 2 pups and would be here before this weekend,2 dogs in for schooling just had 2 handslips and going well,another bitch in from clare asked me to see if i could get here qualified to race has had a official sprint at thurles and done 18.78 well in side grading so will be going to cork on tues for a 525 and if qualifying will be going back to owner,pups are starting to catch the small rabbits coming through the chainlink fencing,got up at 5am this morning and pups were all laying in the field waiting for them lol.