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Grey-Aid is an initiative set up by Greyhound-Data Limited with the support of GRV (Greyhound Racing Victoria) and other Australian based greyhound racing clubs, participants and adoption groups.

We are asking our members worldwide to support us in our effort to raise funds to be distributed throughout Australia in real time to greyhound owners that have been directly impacted by the recent Australian Bush Fire disaster.

It is time for the owners and their dogs to return home, or return to what is left of their homes.

Thank you everyone for helping all Australian Greyhounds in their time of need.

The devastation Australia is currently going through is uniting us as a nation and with your help and determination we can unite worldwide as greyhound owners.

To visit our Go Fund Me page please click on YES

Thank You Again for Your Support
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Only Chinese Stud Dogs Registered with the GRCC can be entered here
16 active sires

 NameDOBBorn inStanding ^SireDamFee
Alpe D'Huez 2010 AU CN Bombastic Shiraz Joop Muse $500.00
Big Daddy Cool 2001 AU CN Just the Best Sobbing Sal 1,500
Boris Fields 2010 AU CN Knocka Norris Sonnet's Image AUD 1300
Crazy Stone 2017 CN CN Black Magic Opal Jin Ye Ta RMB10000
Disintergrate 2007 AU CN Collision With Integrity $990 (gst inc)
Exocet 2010 IE CN Head Bound Slip Road 650
Farley Blitz 2008 IE CN Hondo Black * Blue Honey On application
Ice Trucker 2010 AU CN Bombastic Shiraz Greys Lemon Ice * negotiable
Kilty Lad * 2009 AU CN Superman Sisco Train On application
Lochinvar Marlow 2007 AU CN Bombastic Shiraz Sensation Lee $1650 Natrural $990 Frozen
Prince Diablo 2009 AU CN Premier Fantasy Best Of Diablo $1600 Frozen only
Seldom Told * 2013 US CN Trent Lee Need a Date 20000 Yuan
Spring Gun 2009 AU CN Bombastic Shiraz Ready for Rain $1500
Tip Top 2016 US CN Barcelona Boss Kiowa Starz Sage RMB15000
Winsome Prince 2013 AU CN Barcia Bale Winsome Shiraz RMB10000
Wu Zheng Huan Jue 2015 CN CN Bartrim Bale Fei Fei RMB 2000