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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Monmore Green 13 Oct 2018 HT 1Monmore13 OCT 20181GR A10480 Brocknmatts Last29.33
North East Jaguar Club Trophy 2018 HT 2Pelaw Grange13 OCT 20182GR D3245 Yes Vote14.73
Swindon 13 Oct 2018 HT 9Swindon13 OCT 20189GR A9480 Record Malbec30.00
Crayford 11 Oct 2018 HT 14Crayford11 OCT 201814GR A6380 Markstheboss24.19
Monmore Green 11 Oct 2018 HT 6Monmore11 OCT 20186GR A7480 Enchanted Shadow28.72
Monmore Green 11 Oct 2018 HT 13Monmore11 OCT 201813GR S1630 Zero Forks38.38
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN STAYERS HT 5Harlow10 OCT 20185OPEN592 Barricane Batman39.77
Central Park 10 Oct 2018 HT 8Sittingbourne10 OCT 20188GR A3480 Bogcross Esther29.35
Monmore Green 09 Oct 2018 HT 11Monmore9 OCT 201811GR A4480 Onyergobetty28.65
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth8 OCT 20188GR A5462 Flaming Princess28.99
Pelaw Grange 07 Oct 2018 HT 8Pelaw Grange7 OCT 20188GR A2435 Curly Trev25.67
Crayford 06 Oct 2018 HT 6Crayford6 OCT 20186GR A6380 Anglesey One23.86
Henlow 06 Oct 2018 HT 8Henlow6 OCT 20188GR A8460 Mashmad Bale28.73
Monmore Green 06 Oct 2018 HT 2Monmore6 OCT 20182GR A7480 Ballyhi Joyce28.90
Pelaw Grange 06 Oct 2018 HT 10Pelaw Grange6 OCT 201810GR A1435 Zoes Manor25.56
Perry Barr 06 Oct 2018 HT 8Perry Barr6 OCT 20188GR A7480 Swift Leila30.43
Yarmouth 06 Oct 2018 HT 4Yarmouth6 OCT 20184GR A6462 Mikey Ship29.02
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth6 OCT 20186GR A6462 Suirview Barry29.68
Find us on Facebook S2 350Dundalk5 OCT 20184GR S2320 Ace Camolin19.02
Peterborough 05 Oct 2018 HT 4Peterborough5 OCT 20184GR A9435 Headford Recruit27.38
The Lady Lane 509ER HT 6Swindon3 OCT 20186OPEN509 Sawpit Sunshine29.84
Swindon 03 Oct 2018 HT 11Swindon3 OCT 201811GR A2480 Tailteann Storm29.34
OWNERS BONUS SERIES THIRD BONUS OF TEN TROPCrayford2 OCT 20183GR S5540 Edencurra Cuckoo34.16
Monmore Green 01 Oct 2018 HT 1Monmore1 OCT 20181GR A10480 Brocknmatts Lola30.04
Pelaw Grange 30 Sep 2018 HT 9Pelaw Grange30 SEP 20189GR A1435 Zoes Manor25.71
Central Park Sunday 500 HT 2Sittingbourne30 SEP 20182OPEN500 Rackethall Jess30.20
Henlow 29 Sep 2018 HT 9Henlow29 SEP 20189GR A8460 Quivers Blake27.92
CGRC TrophyIsaszeg29 SEP 20182GR S3275 Kengyelfuto Illinois17.23
European Derby Plate InvitationIsaszeg29 SEP 20188OPEN485 Amigo Paco30.20
European Derby InvitationIsaszeg29 SEP 20189OPEN485 Speed Ramos30.26
European Puppy Derby finalIsaszeg29 SEP 201811OPEN275 Alfred17.11
European Derby Plate finalIsaszeg29 SEP 201812OPEN485 Kengyelfuto Tennessee30.09
European Puppy Derby finalIsaszeg29 SEP 201814OPEN485 Best Grey Ashley29.99
Monmore Green 29 Sep 2018 HT 1Monmore29 SEP 20181GR A4480 Klockwork Kasey29.29
Yarmouth 29 Sep 2018 HT 13Yarmouth29 SEP 201813GR A6462 Pack Wolf28.69
Crayford 27 Sep 2018 HT 11Crayford27 SEP 201811GR A6380 Surewhynot23.60
CROWN LAGER AUST FINEST STAKEHobart27 SEP 20189GR 5TH340 Whoop Bang19.48
European Derby Plate 1st semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20181OPEN485 Kengyelfuto Tennessee29.34
European Sprint Derby 1st semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20183OPEN275 Ballymac Jo Jo16.42
European Puppy Derby 1st semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20186OPEN275 Dark Raven16.79
European Puppy Derby 2nd semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20187OPEN275 Black Jenny16.53
PALM BEACH 27 Sep 2018 HT A2Palm Beach27 SEP 2018A2GR C498 Dutch Zeus30.13
Monmore Green 26 Sep 2018 HT 11Monmore26 SEP 201811GR A5480 Ballymac Jessica28.91
Monmore Green 24 Sep 2018 HT 6Monmore24 SEP 20186GR A5480 Malbay Jet29.09
Monmore Green 24 Sep 2018 HT 12Monmore24 SEP 201812GR A4480 Skinny Love29.11
Yarmouth 24 Sep 2018 HT 2Yarmouth24 SEP 20182GR A3462 Pawsome Santiago28.85
Pelaw Grange Stayers Trophy HT 6Pelaw Grange23 SEP 20186OPEN590 Curly Trev36.09
The Ladbrokes Kent Derby (Heat 1) HT 2Sittingbourne23 SEP 20182OPEN480 Sporting Dave29.14
Perry Barr 22 Sep 2018 HT 6Perry Barr22 SEP 20186GR A5480 Huarache Neves29.71
The Six & Out Stakes HT 14Swindon22 SEP 201814GR A2480 Riverside Boom30.17
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth22 SEP 20187GR A5462 Thymelea Audrey28.30
Crayford 21 Sep 2018 HT 3Crayford21 SEP 20183GR A7380 Neamstown Jet24.04
Wheeling Downs 21 Sep 2018 HT E4Wheeling Downs21 SEP 2018E4GR AA501 L's Griz30.24
THE RPGTV 72nd EAST ANGLIAN GREYHOUND DERBYYarmouth20 SEP 20188OPEN462 Collswood Hawk28.06
Monmore Green 19 Sep 2018 HT 6Monmore19 SEP 20186GR A6480 Onyergobetty28.90
Monmore Green 19 Sep 2018 HT 8Monmore19 SEP 20188GR A10480 Havana Ruby29.75
Southland 19 Sep 2018 HT 1Southland19 SEP 20181STAKE533 CH Super Speed32.52
Perry Barr 17 Sep 2018 HT 2Perry Barr17 SEP 20182GR A3480 Drahbeg Delish29.16
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth17 SEP 201811GR A6462 Royden Wolf28.85
Crayford 15 Sep 2018 HT 3Crayford15 SEP 20183GR A9380 Ballybeg Farloe24.00
Månadens HundkappMidlanda15 SEP 20181GR 1283 Stella Dog's Rough Boy17.07
Midlanda VeteranenMidlanda15 SEP 20182GR 1283 Estac Troyes17.17
Roquepine DebutantMidlanda15 SEP 20184GR 2283 Ohmygod17.12
Djursjukhuset SundsvallMidlanda15 SEP 20185GR 4488 Heartlines Hip Hop29.49
Midlanda LoppetMidlanda15 SEP 20186GR 3488 Eddie Murphy29.68
Capella MemorialMidlanda15 SEP 20187GR 1488 Razldazl Audrey29.66
The LadiesMidlanda15 SEP 20188GR 1488 Canis Majoris28.96
3 WINS IN A ROW - WOODCOCKS ANYA HT 5Monmore15 SEP 20185OPEN480 Plan Ahead28.16
Pelaw Grange 15 Sep 2018 HT 6Pelaw Grange15 SEP 20186GR A5435 Tiwood Tony26.51
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby SemiShelbourne Park15 SEP 20186GROUP3503 Magical Bale29.66
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby SemiShelbourne Park15 SEP 20187GROUP3503 Slippy Cian29.80
Wheeling Downs 15 Sep 2018 HT A12Wheeling Downs15 SEP 2018A12GR AA501 Hit Me Chief30.27
SKY RACING STAKEIpswich14 SEP 20182MAIDEN431 Bokarm Ray25.72
Follow Us On Facebook 525Tralee14 SEP 20187GR A4480 Palatine Magic29.27
Monmore Green 13 Sep 2018 HT 1Monmore13 SEP 20181GR A6480 Chasing Highs29.07
Yarmouth 13 Sep 2018 HT 13Yarmouth13 SEP 201813GR A3462 Islas Deasy28.59
Crayford 11 Sep 2018 HT 9Crayford11 SEP 20189GR A2380 Turbine Tyche23.50
The Lowther Stakes Sponsored By MSCM LimiteNottingham10 SEP 201811OPEN480 Donation28.78
THE RPGTV 72nd EAST ANGLIAN GREYHOUND DERBYYarmouth10 SEP 20189OPEN462 Lost One Dare27.34
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin VLGreppin9 SEP 20181OPEN277 Venus17.60
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin VLGreppin9 SEP 20182OPEN277 Zenit 17.14
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin VLGreppin9 SEP 20183OPEN277 Zampano16.86
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin VLGreppin9 SEP 20184OPEN490 Amie Scala30.95
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin VLGreppin9 SEP 20185OPEN490 CCool Again31.35
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin VLGreppin9 SEP 20186OPEN490 Lakota Blackjack30.93
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin Finale HündinneGreppin9 SEP 20187OPEN277 Venus17.55
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin Finale HündinneGreppin9 SEP 20188OPEN490 CCool Again30.94
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin Finale Rüden 27Greppin9 SEP 20189OPEN277 Zampano16.97
Herbstmeisterschaft Greppin Finale Rüden 49Greppin9 SEP 201810OPEN490 Lakota Blackjack31.46
BAPP Group of Companies Northern Flat Heat Bellevue8 SEP 20186OPEN470 Faughan Flash27.97
BAPP Group of Companies Northern Flat Heat Bellevue8 SEP 20187OPEN470 Fernhill Rex27.88
Crayford 08 Sep 2018 HT 8Crayford8 SEP 20188GR A8380 Kelva Sunrise23.96
follow us on facebook Dual Distance 2nd SemDrumbo Park8 SEP 20185GR A4480 Run for Eastrun29.29
CRF SprintIsaszeg8 SEP 20181GR S2275 Dopping Bonie Tyler16.90
Czech Championship bitchesIsaszeg8 SEP 20188OPEN485 Kengyelfuto Idaho29.61
LADBROKES 480 HT 6Monmore8 SEP 20186OPEN480 Plan Ahead28.27
Pelaw Grange 08 Sep 2018 HT 10Pelaw Grange8 SEP 201810GR A2435 Curly Trev25.94
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park8 SEP 20185FEATURE503 Cabra Hurricane29.60
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park8 SEP 20186FEATURE503 Slippy Cian29.32
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