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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 25 OCT 2021 HT 5Monmore25 OCT 20215GR A4480 Droopys Sunset29.02
Hove & Brighton 20 OCT 2021 HT 8Hove & Brighton20 OCT 20218GR A1500 Galaxy on Fire30.07
Henlow 18 OCT 2021 HT 3Henlow18 OCT 20213GR A3460 Fi Me Jezabelle28.09
Watch The Dogs On Sky Sports Racing StakesNottingham18 OCT 20212GR A5500 Dame Gladys31.05
Watch The Dogs On The Get in Show StakesNottingham18 OCT 202111GR A2500 Rosmult Logan30.38
18 OCT 2021 HT 10Towcester18 OCT 202110GR A5500 Night Time Taxi30.05
Grote Prijs De CoeveringGeldrop17 OCT 20212OPEN490 Alabama Sweetheart29.73
Grote Prijs De Coevering FinalGeldrop17 OCT 202110OPEN490 Alabama Sweetheart29.56
16 OCT 2021 HT 1Towcester16 OCT 20211GR A3500 Perfecto Storm29.67
Open 560Turku16 OCT 20213OPEN560 Finnish Flash33.41
Kinsley (Pontefract) 15 OCT 2021 HT 5Kinsley15 OCT 20215GR A7462 Curryhills Lena28.98
At The Races StakesNottingham15 OCT 20217GR HP500 Janlinda30.29
MITCH MILLWARD MARATHON - HEAT 2Romford15 OCT 202110OPEN750 Lemming Fly46.92
ASHWELLS GREYHOUND RETIREMENT HOMERomford14 OCT 20219GR A3400 Wychwood Jules24.46
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 13 OCT 2021 HT 1Monmore13 OCT 20211GR A5480 Droopys Sunset29.20
12 OCT 2021 HT 4Towcester12 OCT 20214GR D4270 Franco Izzy16.74
Henlow 11 OCT 2021 HT 4Henlow11 OCT 20214GR A3460 Tuckeys Prince28.40
At The Races StakesNottingham11 OCT 20217GR A2500 Rosmult Logan30.29
ARENA RACING COMPANY KENT DERBY - 2nd Semi-Central Park10 OCT 20218OPEN480 Ballynabee Lucky28.96
Pelaw Grange 10 OCT 2021 HT 4Pelaw Grange10 OCT 20214GR A1435 Hurleys Spring25.87
Track Bookmakers and DTSC A1/A2 525 FinalDrumbo Park9 OCT 20219GR A0480 No Body Cares28.50
Hove & Brighton 09 OCT 2021 HT 8Hove & Brighton9 OCT 20218GR A1500 Galaxy on Fire30.14
Kasko Dog Foods ON2/ON3 525yds FinalThurles9 OCT 20217GR ON2480 Cashen Ubari29.67
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 08 OCT 2021 HT 10Monmore8 OCT 202110GR A6480 Droopys Sunset29.34
CORAL CHAMPION STAKES - HEAT 2Romford8 OCT 20214OPEN575 Nightingale Don35.26
Sittingbourne 07 OCT 2021 HT 4Central Park7 OCT 20214GR A4480 Da Madcat Queen29.59
Crayford 06 OCT 2021 HT 6Crayford6 OCT 20216GR A4380 Blue Boy Beauty23.52
Harlow 06 OCT 2021 HT 10Harlow6 OCT 202110GR A6415 Lemming Polo26.34
Henlow 04 OCT 2021 HT 5Henlow4 OCT 20215GR A3460 Savana Sunlight27.82
ARENA RACING COMPANY KENT DERBY (Heat 1 )Central Park3 OCT 20214OPEN480 Brookside Richie28.94
Race 3 GREYHOUND 325Turku3 OCT 20210OPEN325 Finnish Flash19.14
02 OCT 2021 HT 5Towcester2 OCT 20215GR A4500 Perfecto Storm29.95
Watch Nottingham Dogs On Sky Sports Racing Nottingham1 OCT 20211GR A3500 Bogger Bruno30.60
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 30 SEP 2021 HT 2Monmore30 SEP 20212GR A2480 Alanas Lad28.71
Nottingham 30 SEP 2021 HT 1Nottingham30 SEP 20211GR A3500 Moneygall Lad30.75
LIKE AND FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @ROMFORDDOGSRomford30 SEP 20216GR A4400 Wychwood Jules24.65
Hove & Brighton 29 SEP 2021 HT 11Hove & Brighton29 SEP 202111GR A8500 Luminous Lad30.33
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 29 SEP 2021 HT 9Monmore29 SEP 20219GR A5480 Aero Ava29.00
Hove & Brighton 28 SEP 2021 HT 3Hove & Brighton28 SEP 20213GR A3500 Galaxy on Fire30.46
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 28 SEP 2021 HT 7Perry Barr28 SEP 20217GR A2480 Barrack Sydney28.57
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 28 SEP 2021 HT 8Perry Barr28 SEP 20218GR D2275 Noels Fleck16.17
28 SEP 2021 HT 3Towcester28 SEP 20213GR A5500 Romantic Doll30.42
Sky Sports Racing On Virgin Channel 535 StaNottingham27 SEP 202111GR A2500 Kilara Rhythm30.26
ARC KENT DERBY TRIAL STAKES - DuplicatedCentral Park26 SEP 202111OPEN480 Amazing Lad29.36
Pelaw Grange 26 SEP 2021 HT 9Pelaw Grange26 SEP 20219GR A5435 Monevassia26.12
25 SEP 2021 HT 1Towcester25 SEP 20211GR A4500 Perfecto Storm29.95
The Storage Concepts StakesNottingham24 SEP 20215GR A3500 Bogger Bruno30.32
Nottingham 23 SEP 2021 HT 7Nottingham23 SEP 20217GR A2500 Sarahs Rose30.46
ARENA RACING COMPANY ST LEGER 1ST SEMI FINAPerry Barr23 SEP 20214OPEN710 Blueberry Bullet42.81
Crayford 22 SEP 2021 HT 5Crayford22 SEP 20215GR A3380 Boherash Anna23.58
www.newcastle-greyhounds.co.uk StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)22 SEP 20216GR A6480 Estella29.73
Nottingham 22 SEP 2021 HT 7Nottingham22 SEP 20217GR A3500 Barrack Sasha30.43
Nottingham 22 SEP 2021 HT 9Nottingham22 SEP 20219GR A7500 Ballyboss Tom31.42
20 SEP 2021 HT 6Towcester20 SEP 20216GR A6500 Romantic Doll30.03
Geldrop Silveren OaksGeldrop19 SEP 20211OPEN490 Alabama Sweetheart30.14
Geldrop Silveren Oaks FinalGeldrop19 SEP 20218OPEN490 Alabama Sweetheart30.17
Pelaw Grange 19 SEP 2021 HT 3Pelaw Grange19 SEP 20213GR A3435 Pennylane Knight26.31
Henlow 18 SEP 2021 HT 6Henlow18 SEP 20216GR A6460 Instant Dreamer28.28
PUNK ROCK ADOPTION STAKESHove & Brighton18 SEP 20214GR A1500 Galaxy Freedom29.43
2021 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby FinaShelbourne Park18 SEP 20217GROUP1503 Susie Sapphire29.18
Oícheanta Tiomsaithe Airgid ag Staid na gCoGalway17 SEP 20215GR A4503 Blacklabel Magic30.50
Sky Sports Racing On Sky Channel 415 StakesNottingham17 SEP 20213GR A3500 Sarahs Rose30.22
Orchard Interiors StakesNottingham17 SEP 20216GR A2500 Kilara Rhythm30.14
Southland 17 Sep 2021 HT 13Southland17 SEP 202113STAKE603 Goddessofthehunt37.28
ARENA RACING COMPANY ST LEGER HEAT 6Perry Barr16 SEP 202112OPEN710 Blueberry Bullet43.00
Nottingham 15 SEP 2021 HT 2Nottingham15 SEP 20212GR A3500 Moneygall Bounce30.14
The BresBet 75th East Anglian Greyhound DerYarmouth15 SEP 202110OPEN462 Antigua Storm27.78
Central Park Standard Division 1Central Park12 SEP 20218OPEN480 Galaxy Freedom29.12
Pelaw Grange 12 SEP 2021 HT 6Pelaw Grange12 SEP 20216GR A6435 Fawn Aldinho26.38
Pelaw Grange 12 SEP 2021 HT 8Pelaw Grange12 SEP 20218GR A5435 Paisley Abbey26.11
LADBROKES.COM DUAL DISTANCE HURDLE TROPHY -Crayford11 SEP 202118OPEN540 Roxholme Biscuit33.61
Henlow 11 SEP 2021 HT 4Henlow11 SEP 20214GR A6460 Nippys Spirit27.99
Arena Racing Company StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)11 SEP 20213GR D3290 Estella17.65
2021 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby SemiShelbourne Park11 SEP 20216GROUP3503 All About Ted29.23
2021 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby SemiShelbourne Park11 SEP 20217GROUP3503 Susie Sapphire29.34
Sky Sports Racing On Virgin Channel 535 StaNottingham10 SEP 202110GR HP500 Kilara Rhythm29.85
The Upcoming Events A3 525Shelbourne Park10 SEP 20213GR A3480 Sonny the Kid28.65
Southland 10 Sep 2021 HT 3Southland10 SEP 20213STAKE603 Goddessofthehunt36.48
Sittingbourne 09 SEP 2021 HT 4Central Park9 SEP 20214GR A2480 Chelts Lad29.70
Durham & District Retired Greyhounds StSunderland9 SEP 20211GR A6450 Bog Money28.22
Arena Racing Company Maiden And Winner Of ONewcastle (Brough Park)8 SEP 20215OPEN290 Mindhowyougo16.82
The BresBet 75th East Anglian Greyhound DerYarmouth8 SEP 20219OPEN462 Antigua Storm27.24
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 06 SEP 2021 HT 6Perry Barr6 SEP 20216GR HP480 Drahbeg Diva28.91
CENTRAL PARK MAIDENCentral Park5 SEP 20212OPEN480 Galaxy Freedom29.20
Henlow 04 SEP 2021 HT 11Henlow4 SEP 202111GR A6460 Kroy Lad28.02
RETIRED GREYHOUNDS LOVE SOFASRomford4 SEP 202114GR A5400 Wychwood Jules24.68
ROMFORD PUPPY CUP TRIAL STAKESRomford3 SEP 20214OPEN400 Aero Squeak24.11
Southland 03 Sep 2021 HT 11Southland3 SEP 202111STAKE603 Goddessofthehunt36.58
Crayford 02 SEP 2021 HT 14Crayford2 SEP 202114GR A5380 Kid Bailey23.62
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 02 SEP 2021 HT 11Monmore2 SEP 202111GR A2480 Record Zinfandel28.97
Nottingham 02 SEP 2021 HT 6Nottingham2 SEP 20216GR A3500 Barrack Sasha30.29
The 75th Two Year Old Produce StakesSwindon2 SEP 20212OPEN476 Surprising28.35
HARLOW MAIDEN STAYERS MONKEYHarlow1 SEP 202123OPEN592 Lemming Polo38.87
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 01 SEP 2021 HT 6Monmore1 SEP 20216GR A4480 Black Shok29.11
Arena Racing Company Winner Of One Stayers Newcastle (Brough Park)1 SEP 20215OPEN640 Ice of Diamonds39.37
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