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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDENHarlow11 SEP 20192OPEN415 Agincourt Eve26.38
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 11 SEP 2019 HT 8Monmore11 SEP 20198GR D3264 Riverside Bono15.94
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 11 SEP 2019 HT 14Monmore11 SEP 201914GR A3480 That Crazy Man28.77
Henlow 10 SEP 2019 HT 10Henlow10 SEP 201910GR A10460 Savana Maud28.86
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 09 SEP 2019 HT 1Monmore9 SEP 20191GR A2480 Jays Swift28.72
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 09 SEP 2019 HT 9Monmore9 SEP 20199GR A6480 Gortnaskeha John29.15
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 09 SEP 2019 HT 2Perry Barr9 SEP 20192GR A3480 Drahbeg Delish29.20
Eden The Kid & King Elvis At Stud StakeSittingbourne8 SEP 20193OPEN265 Whitings Gift16.25
Euro Derby Trial StakesIsaszeg7 SEP 201910OPEN485 Black Beauty29.76
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 07 SEP 2019 HT 7Monmore7 SEP 20197GR A2480 Her Crazy Man28.55
Swindon StayersSwindon7 SEP 20197OPEN649 Southfield Bea39.56
Hit Or Bust 525Tralee7 SEP 201910GR A2480 Yukan Bridge28.79
Henlow 06 SEP 2019 HT 10Henlow6 SEP 201910GR A8460 Millroad Captian28.23
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 06 SEP 2019 HT 11Monmore6 SEP 201911GR A7480 Catunda Sapphire29.01
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 05 SEP 2019 HT 5Perry Barr5 SEP 20195GR D3275 Drahbeg Dash16.41
Sheffield (Owlerton) 05 SEP 2019 HT 10Sheffield5 SEP 201910GR A2500 Sparta Oscar29.28
Sunday Lunch at Sunderland Greyhounds StakeSunderland5 SEP 201911GR A1450 View Dollar27.46
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 04 SEP 2019 HT 8Monmore4 SEP 20198GR A4480 Money Spree28.74
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 03 SEP 2019 HT 3Monmore3 SEP 20193GR A2480 Laganore Mol28.67
Wheeling Downs 02 Sep 2019 HT A12Wheeling Downs2 SEP 2019A12GR A501 WW Spend Alot30.03
The Slan Abhaile 525Cork31 AUG 201911GR AA0480 Skywalker Rafa28.28
HENLOW SATURDAY 31ST AUGUSTHenlow31 AUG 20191GR A11460 Rankins Rocket28.84
Henlow 31 AUG 2019 HT 11Henlow31 AUG 201911GR A6460 Zadog the Priest28.19
The Green King IPA Bitter StakesMonmore31 AUG 20190OPEN630 Houdini Act38.27
Harlow 30 AUG 2019 HT 2Harlow30 AUG 20192GR A5415 Lemming Masada26.80
Harlow 30 AUG 2019 HT 4Harlow30 AUG 20194GR A4415 Lemming Lara26.56
Harlow 30 AUG 2019 HT 10Harlow30 AUG 201910GR A7415 Lemming Judith26.72
Hove & Brighton 30 AUG 2019 HT 3Hove & Brighton30 AUG 20193GR A2515 Enchanted Jaguar30.20
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDEN STAYERS - HRomford30 AUG 201912OPEN575 Swansalona Playa35.48
100 UP CLUB - BALLYMAC DIONEMonmore29 AUG 20193GR A2480 Soda Star29.05
Sittingbourne 29 AUG 2019 HT 2Sittingbourne29 AUG 20192GR D3265 Killuran Lilly16.69
Wheeling Downs 29 Aug 2019 HT A15Wheeling Downs29 AUG 2019A15GR B501 Fraulein Sammy30.20
HARLOW MAIDEN MONKEY HEAT 1Harlow28 AUG 20197OPEN415 Union Jack26.22
Swindon 28 AUG 2019 HT 12Swindon28 AUG 201912GR A6476 Hasskona Stripe28.96
Henlow 27 AUG 2019 HT 8Henlow27 AUG 20198GR A7460 Baran Terminator28.04
BET WITH CORAL IN-SHOP, ONLINE & ON MOBILERomford26 AUG 20199GR A4400 Wychwood Katie24.74
Swindon 26 AUG 2019 HT 2Swindon26 AUG 20192GR A3476 Millridge Corrie28.75
HENLOW 460 MAIDEN (DUP.)Henlow25 AUG 20194OPEN460 Blissful Pippy28.21
ORCHARD KENNEL STAKESCrayford24 AUG 20194OPEN714 Cantcallherthat45.62
Swindon 23 AUG 2019 HT 6Swindon23 AUG 20196GR A8476 Hasskona Stripe29.13
Hove & Brighton 22 AUG 2019 HT 1Hove & Brighton22 AUG 20191GR A3515 Enchanted Jaguar30.52
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 22 AUG 2019 HT 5Monmore22 AUG 20195GR A2480 Bravo Kiss28.74
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 22 AUG 2019 HT 11Perry Barr22 AUG 201911GR HP480 Drahbeg Delish29.53
Henlow 20 AUG 2019 HT 3Henlow20 AUG 20193GR A9460 Harrys Adventure28.36
Nottingham 20 AUG 2019 HT 11Nottingham20 AUG 201911GR A3500 Teecee Azza30.55
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 19 AUG 2019 HT 8Perry Barr19 AUG 20198GR A4480 Drahbeg Dior29.50
Swindon 19 AUG 2019 HT 7Swindon19 AUG 20197GR A4476 Hasskona Gold28.60
Swindon 19 AUG 2019 HT 12Swindon19 AUG 201912GR A6476 Wychwood Harvey28.72
CENTRAL PARK MAIDEN SPRINTSittingbourne18 AUG 20197OPEN265 Whitings Gift16.32
Crayford 17 AUG 2019 HT 3Crayford17 AUG 20193GR A8380 Marions Charm23.99
Kinsley (Pontefract) 17 AUG 2019 HT 5Kinsley17 AUG 20195GR D3268 Hello Sezzy16.41
August 17 2019 Afternoon Race 19Wheeling Downs17 AUG 201919GR B501 KMJ Hardrock30.02
HENLOW FRIDAY 16TH AUGUSTHenlow16 AUG 20191GR A6460 Agincourt Eve28.20
Henlow 16 AUG 2019 HT 6Henlow16 AUG 20196GR D4277 Castlemary Jody16.98
Sittingbourne 14 AUG 2019 HT 9Sittingbourne14 AUG 20199GR A2480 Fawkham Chaser30.16
Swindon 14 AUG 2019 HT 8Swindon14 AUG 20198GR A5476 Hasskona Gold29.16
Henlow 13 AUG 2019 HT 7Henlow13 AUG 20197GR A8460 Millroad Captian28.21
Henlow 12 AUG 2019 HT 12Henlow12 AUG 201912GR A9460 Vinny Jezabelle28.37
Freiburg 11.08.2019 FinaleFreiburg11 AUG 20194OPEN280 Rooney Camolin17.44
Freiburg 11.08.2019 FinaleFreiburg11 AUG 20195OPEN280 Cashen Princess17.74
Freiburg 11.08.2019 FinaleFreiburg11 AUG 20196OPEN480 Oquino29.34
Harlow 10 AUG 2019 HT 1Harlow10 AUG 20191GR D4238 Lemming Judith15.13
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 10 AUG 2019 HT 12Monmore10 AUG 201912GR A1480 Shaneboy Batt28.32
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S7 - S9 350Dundalk9 AUG 20191GR S7320 Emelie19.18
Harlow 09 AUG 2019 HT 7Harlow9 AUG 20197GR A5415 Lemming Lara26.43
Henlow 09 AUG 2019 HT 10Henlow9 AUG 201910GR A7460 Agincourt Eve28.21
Wheeling Downs 07 Aug 2019 HT A7Wheeling Downs7 AUG 2019A7GR A501 Kelsos Tonto30.27
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 05 AUG 2019 HT 12Monmore5 AUG 201912GR A4480 Sive Veen29.23
Swindon 03 AUG 2019 HT 6Swindon3 AUG 20196GR A7480 Hasskona Gold29.63
Henlow 01 AUG 2019 HT 8Henlow1 AUG 20198GR A6460 Quivers Borris28.46
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 01 AUG 2019 HT 10Monmore1 AUG 201910GR A4480 Curalina28.64
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 01 AUG 2019 HT 5Perry Barr1 AUG 20195GR A8480 Maui Sunshine29.35
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 01 AUG 2019 HT 7Perry Barr1 AUG 20197GR A7480 Bonnies Rocket29.36
Sheffield (Owlerton) 01 AUG 2019 HT 7Sheffield1 AUG 20197GR A3500 Drive On Junior29.20
Wheeling Downs 01 Aug 2019 HT A7Wheeling Downs1 AUG 2019A7GR A501 KB's Triton29.60
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 29 JUL 2019 HT 4Perry Barr29 JUL 20194GR A3480 Drahbeg Delish29.15
Continental Sprint Semi 2Alsonemedi27 JUL 20194OPEN280 Stemgrove Lulu16.97
Old School Sprint OpenAlsonemedi27 JUL 20199OPEN280 Chopchop Steve16.59
Old School Standard OpenAlsonemedi27 JUL 201910OPEN480 Pride of Hungary29.22
Old School Veterans OpenAlsonemedi27 JUL 201911OPEN280 Runtastic Air Force17.47
Kingdom Stadium ON2 Unraced Stakes Semi-FinTralee27 JUL 20195GR ON2480 South Downs Mist28.91
Swindon 24 JUL 2019 HT 11Swindon24 JUL 201911GR A3480 Make Me a Star29.70
Henlow 23 JUL 2019 HT 8Henlow23 JUL 20198GR A7460 Tree Top Bubbles28.21
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 22 JUL 2019 HT 6Monmore22 JUL 20196GR A7480 Record Malbec29.17
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20191OPEN480 Black Kinloch28.11
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20192OPEN480 Killoe Pat29.01
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20193OPEN480 Elite Yankee28.56
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20194OPEN480 Our Smokeys Boy28.51
Hünstetten VL Dogs 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20195OPEN280 Oquino16.47
Hünstetten VL Dogs 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20196OPEN280 Gypsy Yolo16.28
Hünstetten VL Dogs 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20197OPEN280 Rooney Camolin16.41
Hünstetten VL Bitches 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20198OPEN280 Stemgrove Lulu16.77
Hünstetten VL Bitches 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20199OPEN280 Adventure16.65
Hünstetten VL Bitches 480mHünstetten21 JUL 201910OPEN480 Atlanta29.24
Hünstetten VL Bitches 480mHünstetten21 JUL 201911OPEN480 Gogo Girl29.22
Hünstetten Bitches 280m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201912OPEN280 Adventure16.70
Hünstetten Dogs 280m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201913OPEN280 Gypsy Yolo16.39
Hünstetten Bitches 480m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201914OPEN480 Jaxx Valentina28.95
Hünstetten Dogs 480m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201915OPEN480 Black Kinloch28.09
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